Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tele-Turner on the team!

I had a great meeting yesterday with Lee Turner, an avid mountain biker and telemark skier who brings a wealth of trail savvy to the table. The guy is a walking trail resource! He's offered to support our trail designers in flagging the route, and will be joining JBR Environmental in helping us with the necessary biological surveys for NEPA approval. Not only that, but he'll be supporting me in writing the EA's (environmental assessments) for the balance of the project. What a tremendous guy to have on the team!

For those of you who've ridden MTBs in the Reno area, Lee and his fellow Poe-Dunks have done a tremendous job with trail advocacy and trail construction on Peavine Mountain. That is phenomenal close-in riding for Reno denizens and is a tremendous resource for motorized and non-motorized users alike. Lee has a lot of experience working with IMBA crews, with the agencies, and with volunteer teams and, with his fellow Poe-Dunks, has a track record of getting good stuff done efficiently.


Gar Abbas, district ranger for the USFS Ruby Mountains Ranger District, invited me to present at the All Employee Days meeting for the Humboldt-Toyabe National Forest in Reno on Wednesday. The project was extremely well-received and I think everybody was impressed with the coalition we've been able to build. It'll be nice, going forward, to have the rest of the folks from the HTNF behind us.

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