Monday, November 9, 2009

Great meeting, great input from Elko County Commissioners

AND - we have a new member on the design team!

Long-time Lamoille denizen and Ruby Mountain explorer Sharon Reynolds has offered her GIS talents in support of the project. Up until now, we've done the majority of the work in consumer-grade GIS software... but at some point we were going to need to get real about our maps and satellite imagery so that the pros designing and building the trail had the tools they need. Sharon stepped up and told us that she was our girl - and heck, she was suggesting all kinds of amazingly useful stuff that hadn't even occurred to us. Great to have a GIS pro on board!


We were on the agenda this morning for the Elko County Commissioners to give them an update on the project - and, frankly, to dispel some misinformation I think they may have been getting about what we're up to. They were appreciative AND they came with some great questions and suggestions that are going to help us make the project stronger.

Warren Russell was looking for quantitative numbers on projected trail usage. That's a very valid question and once we figure out a way to answer it, it'll significantly help our fundraising efforts down the line. We've already started tossing around ideas... perhaps to do some sort of survey next year at the Ruby Crest trailhead in Lamoille Canyon. Those of you who have opinion survey experience are invited to chime in. Demar Dahl was very interested in our pursuit of horse-drawn trail construction techniques, and offered some equipment he had back at the ranch for our usage. How cool is that? We have a lot more to learn in this regard but if we can make that work it'll be a real win not only for this project, but for other potential projects down the road.

All in all it was a very positive meeting - three members of the Friends of the Trail were there in support, and it was great to have them at my back. A good day for the project.

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