Friday, March 29, 2013

On the road, again...

Quick update on Lamoille Canyon conditions - The snow is melting out very quickly and the road is dry up to the closure past Pete's Corner. It won't be long before the USFS moves the closure higher. Don't be tempted to drive past it if they haven't, though - they WILL ticket you for driving on dry pavement. Not much better to do, I guess. Be aware that the left wall is shedding rocks and that it's likely that there will be rocks on the road. Keep an eye out.

The Secret-Lamoille trail is still snowy and muddy in spots and should probably be left alone for a while yet. Riding bikes and (especially) horses on the trail when it's muddy does tremendous damage to the trail bed. No reason to tear it up. Hikers tend to step around the mud, which isn't good for things either.

Snowshoers will have an easy time finding the old trail up climber's right in Right Fork Canyon. There's still snow from the Scout Camp up. Be sure and get back down before it gets too hot, though, as the climber's right wall will shed rocks and ice, as well as a few wet snowslides. To find this trail, walk through the A-frames and keep going past the trail sign that will try and turn you to the left. Follow the snowshoe and ski tracks along the right side of the creek. It's brushy in spots but it will eventually take you to the top of the bench. I was just up there a few days ago on skis - here's a trip report.

It's about a ten mile round trip to the back of the canyon, and easy walking once you get past the bushwhack and on the bench.