Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Secret-Lamoille Trail Project Maps

These are the working maps of the project. Keep in mind that trail design work is still underway on the 2nd and 3rd segments - we'd like to use existing trail as much as humanly possible to minimize construction costs. Our designer is spending a lot of time on the ground figuring out what's there already and how to link it all together - there are a lot of old trails already up there that have been closed to public access for years.

The really fun part comes when you start looking at some of the backcountry options that this trail opens up when combined with some of the old trails already up there. Some of those trails need maintenance work, obviously - since there's been no access maintenance has been on the back burner. But with access open there are some fun possibilities available.

Here are a few ideas, some suitable for dayhikes/after work rides, some suitable for backcountry overnights. Non-wilderness routes are bolded and open to mountain bikes. Wilderness routes are open to hikers and horsemen only. Keep in mind that the trail to Verdi Lake is NOT currently in good shape for MTBs - it's open, but it won't be suitable without some work. By rebuilding some switchbacks above Talbot Creek, though, the trail would be quite enjoyable to the 8500' mark.

From Lamoille Canyon trailhead:
Overlook/spring - 9 miles RT
MTB loop - 27 miles RT
Verdi Lake - 14.18 miles one way
Thorpe Canyon - 18.34 miles one way
Soldier Canyon trailhead - 31 miles one way

From Soldier Canyon trailhead:
Ridge overlook - 8.08 miles RT
Cold Lakes - 8.77 miles one way
Robinson Lake/Cold Creek loop - 11.81 mile loop
Ross Creek loop - 15.57 mile loop
Secret Pass trailhead - 17.5 miles one way

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