Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to post a comment

I have had a couple of people tell me they've been having difficulty signing in. Sorry about that!

I've changed the settings so that people can comment anonymously. You don't have to sign in to ask questions, make comments, etc. It gives you the option of giving your name, but you don't have to if you'd rather not.

Hope that helps!


  1. You are pulling me into the new century with this tool, but it sounds like the blog will keep everyone connected, and commenting in a supportive and positive manner.

    Thanks Sue for your work.

    Leta Collord

  2. Heh. You're welcome, Leta - this is a new one for me, too, I've never set up a blog before. This seems like a good format for us, though. Hopefully people will find it useful.


  3. Sue Kennedy is a jerk. The vast majority of people in the Lamoille area are proposed to this project. The ranchers have refused her request for access on their properties. Sue -get a life.

  4. Nice to see you have the courage of your convictions, "anonymous". Why didn't you leave your name? Are you that proud of your position on the project?

    The actual ranchers in the area have been great about supporting us. They've provided access when we need it, one of them has provided an easement necessary to the trail construction, and the ones who have grazing permits up there have expressed support for the project as long as we don't negatively impact their permits. That is and always has been our intention. The only people who have refused access to us have been the handful of people at the mouth of Talbot Canyon who own subdivided ranchland and who are uninterested in sharing the mountains behind them.

    Anyone who has legitimate concerns has always been invited to work with us to address them. We take those concerns seriously and have modified the project in numerous ways to address them. However, "we don't want people back there" is not a legitimate concern. That is plain, unadulterated, pigheaded selfishness. And, yes, I do stand behind my convictions - you have my real name.

    The public has the right to access public land, and they have a right to do it safely and in ways that make use of existing trails that their tax dollars paid for in the first place. Sorry you're incapable of understanding that.


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