Sunday, June 10, 2012

Conditions update

I took a quick trip up to Liberty Pass today and thought I'd pass along current trail conditions.

The Stock Trail below Lamoille Lake is clear of snow but is muddy for much of its length. The snow banks start just below the lake, but they aren't steep and the snow is pretty supportive... not much postholing once you get past the edges. There is a pretty good stream crossing to get past, but if you look to the left you'll see some rocks you can string together and keep your feet mostly dry. Please don't walk up and down the bank looking for a better spot, you'll just tear it up more than it already is.

The main trail has some significant snowbanks, some of which are frozen and require a fairly steep sidehill traverse. It's not an issue if you're comfortable walking on snow, but I saw a number of people up there in tennis shoes having a fairly hard time. There is also quite a bit of mud on that trail, and people are widening the trail by trying to walk around it. Of the two trails, the Stock Trail is much the better choice right now.

Lamoille Lake is still too frozen over for fishing but is melting out quickly.

Above Lamoille Lake, the trail to Liberty Pass has some snow banks on it but is easy enough to find. You can also walk straight up the snow chute all the way to the pass.

Liberty is still frozen, but Favre is melted out and is yielding hungry brookies.

A few folks questioned the four gallons of water in my backpack up on the pass. I didn't have the heart to show them the dumbbells. ;)

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