Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Missing in action

So... I've been awfully quiet recently...

There's been good reason.  I injured myself in 2013 and am "enjoying" the second of three surgeries, the last of which is scheduled for September. That sounds a lot worse than it really is, but I've not been able to hike since my trip report to Cold Lakes nearly two years ago.

The exceptionally good part is that I'm anticipating a full recovery and hope to be back wandering around late this fall.  Or... at least I'll be able to sit a horse and let HIM do the work.

Either way, that's where I've been.  Haven't been ignoring you all, really.  Just staring out the window, wishing I were at altitude.  Get out there and have some fun for me, OK?


  1. I came across your site while researching a group trip that I plan to lead across the Ruby Crest next year, and this post caught my attention, as I'm in a similar situation. I was an ultrarunner and backpacker until a devastating car accident in February, which broker my right leg in more places than I care to count and did some damage to the foot, ankle, and knee cartilage as a bonus. Instead of hiking this summer, I've been in intensive physical therapy, and though it's making a big difference, I'm told that it's possible I'll never run again. I can't even try that for another four months or so.

    Hiking is a different matter, and the plan for next year is a commitment of faith in my hard work, luck, and my body's ability to heal. May it turn out at least as well for you.

  2. Thank you, Hopsage, and I wish you the very best in your recovery! I, unfortunately, have had to step back from PT for the last month and focus on very physical ranch work, which has done absolutely nothing good for my recovery. The good part is that I now have some good help, who hopefully will be able to stick around for a while after the third surgery and give me a chance to get back going with PT.

    I hope, for both of us, that we're able to find the peace at altitude that's been such a huge part of who we are. Anybody who can legitimately call themselves an ultrarunner is no stranger to passion, and it is my sincere hope that you're soon able to chase your passions every bit as enjoyably as you did before your accident.

  3. MG: Didn't know about you accident but hope you'll be through with all of the surgeries, etc. I fell ice climbing a few years back and broke a bunch of stuff - no fun but time heals. Hope to do the Trail next July.

  4. Thanks, sir... zero fun at all to be hurt. Are you climbing again? Don't think I'll be able to get on the ice this year but hopefully will be back on skis by the end of the season... let me know if you need a shuttle.

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