Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transition into winter

I lost my camera this summer and so haven't been all that great about taking and posting photos. Sorry about that! Anyway, here are a few recent ones celebrating the gorgeous transition from fall to winter.

They're crappy phone photos, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. I finally broke down and got another camera, though... luckily the Rubies are gorgeous enough that those stunning alpenglow sunsets I photographed with my phone - yeah, I didn't think it'd work but I had to try - they'll be back. And I'll be equipped to photograph them.

From a hike up to Liberty Pass a couple of weeks ago:

Thomas Canyon hike, with my friends Bruce and Jeff. It started out pretty dreary but turned into a truly lovely mountain day.

Recent hike up to Lamoille Lake. Not enough snow for skiing the Dollars yet.


  1. I bet you and your friens were all alone up there, unless you saw some hunters. I encountered some huners tracking a mountain goat, and asked them why they killed wildlife if they liked wildlife. They answered that a mountaing goat will live about 8 years in the wild but forever in his living room. One could use the same justification to cut down a tree. Thomas Canyon I believe is one of the rare places in the Rubies where one can find a bristlecone pine.

  2. Surprisingly, no, I (or we) weren't alone up there. Surprisingly, I say, because one of the reasons I love hiking this time of year is that, generally speaking, it thins out the crowds. However, there were several parties out that day when I hiked up to Liberty Pass - one of them a very noisy bunch of teenagers. I honestly thought one of them was badly hurt by the noises they were making. And when we went up Thomas there were some hunters up there, as well as a family just setting off when we got back.

    If you want to get away from people up there any more you have to go a long ways off the beaten path, and generally speaking get away from Lamoille Canyon or (in the summer) Soldier Canyon. Which, of course, means that you have to either a) know the guy who has the key to the gate at the bottom, b) be willing to trespass, or c) be able to climb over the top to get to wherever you're interested in going.