Friday, July 1, 2011

A mountain biker's view of the S-L Trail

Thought I'd pass this along... a fellow I know gave me a call first thing this morning to let me know how very much he enjoyed riding the Secret-Lamoille Trail. Good to hear! I guess he went up after work to take it for a spin. Obviously he had to walk the switchbacks - they're unrideable at this point - but the rest of the trail has won his rave reviews. In his words "this is like riding a trail in Colorado - I can't believe we have something like this here!"

Since a very big part of that project's concept was getting some decent mountain bike trail on the ground, I'm glad to hear that a) the bikes are out there and b) they're enjoying what they're finding.


  1. I must disagree. I went in about 2 miles on Friday morning. The switchbacks at the begiining are too sharp to navigate. It will soon be too hot to ride. Not a good trail for biking. Limited views. Encounter with horsemen was not pleasant. The SnoBowl is much better.

  2. Fair enough. Keep in mind that those switchbacks aren't finished. My understanding is that they're going to go back in and build them to IMBA standards. And if they don't - well, the trail fairies can build to IMBA standards, too.

    Sorry to hear about your negative encounter with horsemen. The reality is that folks around here who take horses on trails are not used to seeing bikes and so don't know how to handle the encounters. If we want those encounters to go well we're going to have to take responsibility for education. Most horsemen aren't assholes, just as most mountain bikers aren't assholes. It's just the handful of each that give those user groups bad reputations.