Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick road and snow update

As of yesterday, they have Lamoille Canyon Road plowed up to the entrance to Ruby Dome Ranch, and you can drive up to the first pullout. You could likely drive farther if you wanted to push it but I didn't really see a need. The official closure barricades are up at their normal spot just past Pete's Corner.

Hoping to head up for some skiing and ice climbing today and tomorrow... will post an update if possible.

UPDATE: Went up skiing today (Wednesday, 12/1/10). Was able to snowmobile from the house. The Canyon road is starting to melt out. People haven't tried to drive their vehicles above the first pull-out, but if we don't get more snow then Pete's Corner will be fairly reachable soon, perhaps even by tomorrow if we get the warm day that's forecast. You could probably get that far right now if you had chains and weren't pulling a trailer.

About 64" of snow at Ambrosia.

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