Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mark your calendars - National Trails Day June 5

National Trails Day will be celebrated on June 5th, and that will be a great opportunity for folks interested in the Secret-Lamoille Trail Project to get out, roll up their sleeves, and get to work! Americorps volunteers from the Nevada Conservation Corps will have been out for a week or two at that point, getting some ground work done - but there'll be a very real need for folks from the community to come out and help us with some rock work. There are a number of switchbacks right off the bat that are going to need to be completed to a pretty high standard. The nice part about having community volunteers do these switchbacks is that - when you walk or ride the trail, you'll be able to point to it and say "yep, I helped build that one!" Pretty cool if you ask me.

We're also going to be developing a volunteer calendar for the summer so that we have crew leaders on hand as needed to be sure that our volunteer crews are being used to their best effectiveness. I'll post that calendar here and will e-mail it to those of you on the Friends of the Trail list. And - if you have a group at work, your church, your club, etc. that wants to schedule a group volunteer day, let me know and I'll get that on the calendar, too. We want to make sure that you have a good volunteer experience, and we want to make sure that, if you make a commitment to help us with the trail, your work goes to the best possible use.

We're hoping to bust out 11 miles of trail this summer - it's a big job but, working together, I'm confident we can pull it off.

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